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Sun Dried Party - August 22nd 2015

By nthogen, 09/04/2015 - 00:11

About a month or so ago Zarza and I were hanging out and he brought up the idea of throwing a party. He went on to say that his grandparents old house in the middle of nowhere (Carleton, MI) would be a perfect location for such an event.


...we started scheming about things like midi syncing visuals with audio, and got down to practicing. Zarza went a few steps further though. He enlisted pretty much his entire circle of friends to prep and setup for what turned out to be an amazing night. One that I will definitely remember.

Sun Dried Party Time.

When I showed up at the spot early afternoon on August 22nd, the grounds were mowed and setup, the speakers were unloaded and on the stage (an old trailer) staging for the lights was half setup, most of the grunt work was basically already done (All I had really accomplished up til that point was ordering a porta-potty and going to the store for some supplies) so we got down to business and started hooking things up frantically, and trying to get a sound check done before the scheduled start time.

It really came down to the wire, despite all the technical problems, somehow we managed to get everything functional, which was good, coz people were already showing up for the festivities. A note on that too, some of these cats that showed up were clearly professional partiers. It seemed like their tents were set up 5 minutes after the cars pulled up.

Things were in motion...

That's when BRX took the helm to kick off the evening. Stimpack followed up keeping everyone going as the sun set and the stars appeared. Next up was Doc Holliday to get the night going, followed by Funk-A who really brought the funk, then Zarza, myself and RJ Toohey rocking on the midi fighter to close things out. Be sure to check out all the artists. Their soundclouds/facebooks/etc will be at the end of this post.

From my perspective it felt amazing to be able to give these peeps an opportunity to showcase their skills and their sound. And it was great to see Funk-A and RJ Toohey rocking live sets using stuff like ableton push and midi fighters. Again, I have to give credit to Zarza for scouting talent and putting together a solid lineup of artists, the night would not have been what it was without them.

Toward the end of the evening it was our turn on stage. It felt great to be able to take what Zarza and I had been doing for the past few years and actually showcase it in the right setting, under the stars surrounded by friends. And the positive response from everyone at the party is something I can't really put into words.

And just like that the night was over. I'm still feeling the afterglow two days later as I write this, going over facebook photos, remembering the experience. This is what Sun Dried Beats is all about. the music, the experience, creating awesome memories. So much gratitude to everyone that helped make it an amazing night.

I'm off to San Diego in a week and I couldn't have imagined a better send off. It's great to have good friends. To anyone that's reading this, please get involved, Sun Dried Beats now has representatives in Michigan and California. If you have a place to throw a party we want to talk to you, if you're a serious artist (visual or audio), we want to meet you. And as always, we'll be hard at work creating, so check back.

The Lineup

(Sun Dried Party - August 22nd 2015)

- https://soundcloud.com/braxtongriner

- https://soundcloud.com/stimpacksound

- https://soundcloud.com/ericholliday

- https://soundcloud.com/funkfactory313

- https://soundcloud.com/zarza

- https://soundcloud.com/nthogen

rj toohey
- https://soundcloud.com/rjtoohey