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Sun Dried Art .. the beginning

By nthogen, 05/18/2013 - 22:31

Today I decided to break away from beats for a few hours and follow through with an idea that I've had kicking around for a while. It originally came to me while I was daydreaming one day, what if we could distract people from their day, for just a few minutes, and provide them with a creative activity. Life gets so full of work and stress sometimes people forget to nourish their creative selves opting for a more consumer lifestyle. Sun Dried Beats has always been about breaking through that with music, now we're pushing it with more forms of art.

So, armed with colored pencils, we set up a blanket and a canvas in downtown Ann Arbor, posted a sign with a few rules, and sat there encouraging passers-by to spend 5 mins and contribute to our art project of the day.

Throughout the afternoon, some great interactions occurred. Not only did we create visual art on the canvas, but the whole experience was art in a way. Many were reluctant to stop, either too busy or not confident in their artistic skills, but we managed to talk over 20 people into stopping and letting their creativity flow. Everybody contributed not only to the art, but to the good vibe surrounding the whole experience, which made the warm sunny afternoon more enjoyable. A couple that just got engaged on the common worked on the piece, then later on, another recently engaged couple stopped and worked on it during their photo shoot.

Although they may not have all met each other today, these artists are now somehow connected through this piece. Some even made really real connections with each other, when they just happened to stop around the same time, got to talking, and exchanged info right on our blanket. New connections were made in all kinds of ways!

Overall it was a success and we'll definitely be out there again trying to bring art to the people, or uh, bring people to art or something like that.

Thanks to all those who stopped and contributed, all of you are awesome.