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Stimpack Guest Mix

Tue, 11/01/2016 - 17:14 - zarza

It's a beautiful thing when strangers find they've so much in common. I remember meeting Colin for the first time on the floor of The Aragon Ballroom. It was new years eve and Zed's Dead was doing their thing. It wasn't long before I realized they were using samples from old anime. Akira, The Animatrix, Appleseed, etc. So naturally I start to fangirl. I saw he was the only other person in sight who was as excited as I was. After talking anime for a short while I came to find out that he was from back home. Most of his friend group also happened to be from The Mitten.

Among that friend group is a glass-worker named Tanner. I was able to link up with him for some custom artwork. I started to tell Tanner about the Sun Dried Beats mission when he countered with the mission of Stimpack. After meeting Rachel (the arguably better half of Stimpack) and talking more with Colin I felt that our goals and vision were in line with each other, so when the first annual Sun Dried Gathering came around I didn't hesitate to extend an invitation. Since then they have put out two ep's and more mixes than you can shake a stick at. Ton's of original material with remixes too. They've been getting a lot of buzz around the metro Detroit area with their album release parties, black light parties, and unforgettable sets at the Sun Dried Gatherings. With 3 days a week set aside solely as studio days and the rest out promoting its easy to see why. There can be no doubt that Stimpack is putting in the work. Their persistence and dedication have shown themselves in the quality of their sound design. Their progress thus far makes me grin with the possibilities of tomorrow.

I'd like to proudly present their most recent mix - Stimpack Guest Mix
Stimpack and Sun Dried Beats will be in Brighton MI the night of November 18th. Lights, sound, and plenty of action. Reach out on either the Stimpack page or the Sun Dried Beats page for more info.

If I don't see you there, I hope to see you at this years Sun Dried Gathering.

until then,